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The Sun & Record/Wayne County Mail has been in continuous production for 142 years.  Starting as the Williamson Banner in 1876, the paper became the Williamson Sentinel the following year. In 1886, the paper was bought by Dr. H.N. Burr of Walworth, who printed it on a Washington press that had been used to print The Book of Mormon. After changing hands twice more, the paper was renamed The Williamson Sun in 1925.

The Sodus Record was established in 1887 and eventually came to be published by the same company as The Sun, Empire State Weeklies. In 2000, Sodus and Williamson coverage was packaged in one issue and the Sun & Record was born, owned by Wilma Young and Ethan Irwin. In 2014, Wilma Young, who was owner and editor of the Sun and Record, found a new partner in Dave Young of Empire State Weeklies, which published the Webster Herald and the Wayne County Mail, as well as specialty newspapers.

At first, the Wayne County Mail was a section inside the Sun & Record. Eventually, the Mail disappeared as an entity, and the coverage of Ontario and Walworth melted away. At the end of 2015, John Addyman became the new owner and managing editor of the paper. Addyman immediately brought more emphasis on Walworth and Ontario, again including the Wayne County Mail in the paper.


With Addyman at the helm, Marion, Gananda and Newark were added to the coverage areas. The Sun & Record/Wayne County Mail is an official paper of record in Wayne County has become the community newspaper in each municipality it serves and is the official newspaper for most. 

Coverage is offered in Macedon now, soon to be followed in Palmyra and later, Lyons.

With its emphasis on community, people, local governments, local activities, and local sports, the Sun & Record/Wayne County Mail, is getting ready for its next 142 years.

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